Welcome to Abandoned Toys' Website

Abandoned toys was formed in late 2006, by game music composer, Brett Branning. He has worked as both a game music composer and film music composer and has a long history is the field of music composition, having been studying classical piano and music composition since early childhood, culminating in a composition degree from the University of Oklahoma. Over the years, the composer's vast interest in classical harmonies and forms has been merged with a keen understanding of the ways in which technology has been molding other musical forms for the past half century. This duality of interests has led the composer down a visionary path to combine these new beautiful sounds of the electronic music world with one of the most refined musical harmonic languages ever developed by mankind, western classical music. Abandoned Toys' debut album is out now, on the legendary Mythical Records, and has contributed 3 tracks to their Odyssey of Rapture Series.