Vestal McIntyre
You Are Not the One
  • A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice
  • Winner of the 2006 Lambda Literary Award for Debut Male Fiction
In YOU ARE NOT THE ONE, Vestal McIntyre builds arresting, elegant fiction around situations that while often unlikely are not at all inconceivable....
McIntyre’s stories can be funny, but in a scary, manic Augusten Burroughs kind of way.  And when they aren’t—when they focus on something as unexpected as a high school student who sets out to read “Moby-Dick” to a cousin with Down syndrome—they’re crushingly sweet.
- The New York Times Book Review (Editors’ Choice)

These eight stories, whose depths and wisdom are enclosed in a style of measured grace and pellucid balance, bring to mind Lorrie Moore and Tobias Wolff.
- The Times (London)

Vibrant tales blend sadness, insight and wry humor
- Chicago Tribune

Filled with witty dialogue, strong and varied characters, and the power to move and disturb, this is a brilliant debut.
- Booklist

Like Alice Munro, Vestal McIntyre creates whole worlds in his short stories, that the reader is reluctant to leave....McIntyre's characters, his ability to draw one into their extraordinary lives, his humour and lightness of touch are beguiling.
- The Guardian (U.K.)

A collection of vibrant, original stories in which sadness is accepted, laughed at and, even when it is too powerful to be entirely felt, heart-breakingly understood.
- Newsday

McIntyre's curiously touching stories demonstrate a promising talent.
- The Observer (U.K.)

YOU ARE NOT THE ONE is a savage collection of stories that will entice fans of short-story masters like Denis Johnson and Lorrie Moore.
- The Boston Phoenix

The eight very different stories in this breathtakingly well-crafted debut collection invoke emotional need in all its quirky forms.
- San Francisco Bay Times

McIntyre  has a kind eye for the cast of misfits and outsiders whose foibles he renders endearing, rather than pathetic, but he also has a sharp and very perceptive wit.
- METRO London

Gay or straight, McIntyre’s characters are always vivid and often heartbreaking.

The common denominator in these eight short stories is their uniform excellence in quality.
- Bay Windows

YOU ARE NOT THE ONE is one of the best collections of the year.
- Gay City News
McIntyre is comfortable, even delighted, in the short story form: He nimbly follows his angst-ridden people around, and they lead him into some compulsively readable scenarios.
- SF Gate 

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