Vestal McIntyre
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"Joseph McCall was the type of person for whom if something was wrong, everything was wrong, and there was no joy in the world until that one thing was put right again.  If he burned his tongue on coffee, it would be days before he enjoyed the flavor of ice cream again, and in the meantime he would flip the little tab of dead skin back and forth against his teeth incessantly...."

Read a new story, "The Booking" at the FiveChapters website.

"Angelfish, boxfish, two sea snails, striped grunt, surgeon-fish, hermit crab–Octo ate them all. He outgrew the Sea Monkeys Jamie bought to feed him and he started eating the other fish. So Ma and Daddy say it’s time to get rid of Octo...."

Read "Octo", a story from You Are Not the One, at Open City's website.
"Olive considered this a prime opportunity to practice her ruthless new approach to parties:  She guzzled one drink, said some hellos, peed, plucked Craig from a circle of strangers, and moved on...."

Listen to Vestal read from "," a story from You Are Not the One, at the 2008 Key West Literary Seminar.

ch a video of Vestal reading from Lake Overturn Grub Street's 2010 The Muse and the Marketplace conference.

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