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Thanks for visiting my website. You can click the image above to follow a chain of new short-short stories, one of which has not been published before. You can also read about my novel Lake Overturn and my story collection You Are Not the One. On the Stories page, you can follow links to pieces from my upcoming collection and You Are Not the One that have been published at literary websites such as 5 Chapters and Open City.

You can also find News, information about my Editing & Proofreading work and the Classes I teach in literature and writing.

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My essay on "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" was published in Scott Heim's ebook The First Time I Heard the Smiths.

" 'Good times, for a change...'  The British are so adept at moaning they have an extra word for it that Americans lack: to whinge.  But there was a hidden lesson in Morrissey’s whingeing—one that seems perfectly obvious now, but was a revelation to the fourteen-year-old me.  He was pitying himself and mocking himself at the same time.  Having all those older siblings, I was naturally fluent in sarcasm, but innocent of irony.  Now I began to learn that you can weep for and laugh at yourself, and by some miracle of human expression, the two acts intensify and validate each other."

My story "Octo," which was first published in Open City magazine and which was included in You Are Not the One, has been included in They're at It Again: Stories from Twenty Years of Open City.

It's sad to see this fantastic magazine close after two decades delivering the vanguard of writing and art.  But editors Thomas Beller and Joanna Yas are leaving us with a hefty, satisfying 800-page reader featuring Mary Gaitskill, David Foster Wallace, Sam Lipsyte, and dozens of others...including me!

My essay "Tickle or Torture" was published in the collection Freud's Blind Spot: 23 Original Essays on Cherished, Estranged, Lost, Hurtful, Hopeful, Complicated Siblings edited by Elisa Albert.

Click here to read an excerpt that was published in Boston Review.

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