Vestal McIntyre

Editing & Proofreading

Academic articles polished to perfection

I improve the readability of articles and papers, sentence by sentence, for my main clients at Evidence for Policy Design, a research collective of economists based at Harvard Kennedy School. I copy edit collaboratively written papers, making grammatical and language suggestions. I also draft grant applications from disparate documents, adapt papers into classroom materials, and extract the essence of complex studies into easy-to-understand abstracts. Pieces that I have worked on have gone on to appear in Science, Annual Review of Economics, and on the Vox website.

For my other clients—professors from Northwestern, UCLA, University of Texas, and MIT—I've edited grant applications, short articles, and long pieces including a political science conference volume forthcoming from Johns Hopkins University Press. I tailor my work to meet needs, tastes, and budgets of new clients. I am happy to make an estimate of how time much your paper will take, to edit a sample section to show you what I do, or to work backward from your budget, giving your piece anything from a simple proofread to a rigorous rewrite.

For references, samples, and details of my rates, please email me at

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